An open response to Taylor Swift’s rant against Apple

Almost thought I was alone on this one. Thank goodness that’s not the case. T.Swift crying over money issues is sickening in my opinion. Taylor you don’t need to ask for free iPods they are given to you as well as all the other endorsements and sponsorships you have gained over your professional career. That’s more than enough to live off of.

P.S. Tay you should try minimum wage like the rest of us.

Sincerely an shut the f*ck up-
Britt Dunham

(Do we have bad blood now?)

Junction10 Photography

Dear Taylor Swift,

I have read your open letter to Apple where you give your reasons for refusing to allow your album ‘1989′ to be included on their forthcoming Apple Music streaming service.

(For reference:

I applaud it. It’s great to have someone with a huge following standing up for the rights of creative people and making a stand against the corporate behemoths who have so much power they can make or break someone’s career.

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